Blueprints for websites

I help organizations clearly define their audience, content, and goals, creating documentation that lays the foundation for a successful online project.

Geoffrey Weeks
User Experience & Information Architecture

 Geoff's been an integral part of our most successful projects over the years and we continue to collaborate with him whenever the opportunity arises. He's a true professional and a pleasure to work with.  Seth Singer, Founder, Think Thirty Three


An Icon on Google's Account Login Page Hurts My Brain a Little

When using an established interface element, stick to established behaviour.

Four Things Your Website Isn't

It's exciting to think about how great your new site is going to be. But keep in mind a few things it shouldn't be.

Get Me Out of Here

I know you don't want people to leave your site, but that doesn't mean hide the exit sign.


About Me

In the fall of 1999 I found myself in need of a job. Actually, in need of a career. Standing in a bookshop one day, I held a three-inch thick tome on HTML in my hands and thought maybe there's something to this internet thing. Turns out there was, and I've been collaborating on web projects big and small ever since. I wore a lot of hats in the early years, from designer, to programmer, to project manager, eventually settling in to a focus on user experience and information architecture.

When I'm not helping plan websites, I might be spotted taking minimalist urban photos as I wander the streets of Toronto.

Some of the organizations I've worked with:

BBDO Canada
Stack Creative
Jane Goodall Institute of Canada
World Vision
National History Academy
McGill University
Shaw Festival
Council of Ontario Universities
Price Waterhouse Cooper
Canadian Mental Health Association
 Geoff brings a level of organization, intelligence and understanding to projects that simply get them done well. He’s excellent at working remotely, and can be depended on to run with a job self sufficiently / transparently. Talent like Geoff is rare.  Steve Bissonnette, Managing Partner, Plank