Hi, I’m Geoff.

This is me in my third grade class photo, rockin’ a mustard-yellow turtleneck with a full torso space scene of an alien invasion. It’s undoubtedly the boldest fashion statement I’ve ever made. I dress more conservatively now.

I’m a freelance user experience designer and information architect. I’m originally from Montreal, but have been living in Toronto since 2010. I collaborate with teams at agencies both big and small, creating documentation that guides the design and development of web projects. If you’d like to chat, shoot me a note from my contact page.

When I’m not helping to create websites, I’m often wandering the streets taking minimalist photos, or spending too much time in front of my computer on little projects I get obsessed with, a sampling of which you can find below.

Personal/Side Projects

Wendell Weeks Photography

My alter-ego takes photos of urban oddities and minimalist scenes, as I wander around mostly urban (and mostly Toronto) environments. You can follow me on instagram or visit my photography site, and if you’re even mildly enthusiastic about any of it, you should totally buy my self-published book.

Standard Drink

This is a calculator for determining how many “standard drinks” you’ve had. Countries define this differently, and you can switch between 20 or so. You can add/edit different types of drinks, including a number of preset cocktails. Give it a spin.


After owning the domain xanada.org for possibly twenty years (my records are sketchy), I finally put something up in November of 2022. At the moment it’s some data and thoughts on Canadian elections, and specifically how first-past-the-post doesn’t do a great job of reflecting the popular vote. I have grander visions for expanding the content, but given my track record, it might take me a while to get to it. Hopefully less than another twenty years.


Sadly (to me), Dowser is no more. It was an iPhone app that let you find retail locations to buy alcohol. At first it was only the LCBO in Ontario. But then it covered Beer Stores too. Then the SAQ in Quebec, and then grocery stores in Ontario. I taught myself Objective-C so I could do it. I tore it apart and rebuilt it from the ground up at least once. I refuse to estimate how many hours of my life I put it into it. It would frighten me, no doubt, but it was fun. I learned things. In fact I wrote a long blog post about the experience, now accessible on my site via this one and only link. The old support/info page is still up too, in case you want to know more about an iPhone app you can no longer download.