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DC Metro XII

Now that we’re not living in DC anymore, I won’t be able to continue my endless series of shots of the metro system there. This is one I snapped back in January. You can see an index of all the shots here.

DC Metro XI

Yes, my obsession with the DC metro continues. This is shot standing at the edge of the platform. At the base of the wall on the far side of the tracks they have these grills lit up from underneath, with sections where bulbs have burned out.

DC Metro X

If you peruse this site at all regularly, you know that I have a number of shots of the DC metro system.  I love the tunnels, platforms, ceilings… But when they built the subway, I’m guessing they didn’t leave any budget for prettying up the hallways by the elevators.


If you’d never seen the Washington, DC subway system and found yourself riding around on it, you could probably deduce you were in DC based on the ads. No surprise, but there’s a TON of military and military technology focused advertising in this town…

DC Metro III

I’m becoming kind of obsessed with photographing the DC metro stations. I’d noticed a couple of weeks ago the way the trains cast shadows on the ceiling as they come into the station, then the other day I was in a local photographer’s small gallery and saw a shot similar to this one. It’s probably… Read more »

DC Metro

All the metro stations are really dark here, and they all look virtually identical.